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About Equinox Studios


Creating Space for Limitless Possibilities

Samuel Farrazaino, a sculptor by nature, has combined his 30 years of construction industry experience and 32 years of working in and with the arts to found Equinox Development Unlimited LLC, a development company dedicated to creating space for Artists and Artisans. As the Principal of EDU LLC, and its predecessor Sapphire Design & Construction, Sam has developed more than 250,000 Square feet of artist space, here in Seattle and across the country. With more than 25 years as a Design/ Build General Contractor, Sam has been able to capitalize on his design experience as well as his extensive knowledge of construction techniques and building codes to give new life to historic buildings from the 1890’s to the 1980’s. Sam’s goal is to create thriving spaces, focused in the Arts, that support and sustain people and their art through creativity, collaboration and community.

Equinox Studios was founded in 2006 as an enclave of Artists and Artisans in a World War II era factory building in Georgetown, Seattle. The building is heavy timber, post and beam architecture brought back to its original glory by exposing the wood floors, ceilings and beams and clearing out the detritus of almost 75 years of a working factory building. It was originally built for the company that made Norden Bomb Sights (the “crosshairs” that bombardiers would look through to zero in on their targets) and was considered a military secrets building throughout the war. After the war it became a machine shop for a variety of products and eventually in the late sixties became Mastermark Printing and Engraving. They produced signs, cards, brochures and plaques, some of which can still be seen around the building today. Mastermark moved out of the building in 2006 to make room for Equinox Studios and thus began its current life with now 38 studios and shops with over 50 Tenants doing amazing work from blacksmithing and metal sculpture, to painting and ceramics, with woodwork, leatherwork, glass, photography and much more in between. This community is growing and collaborating to create inspiring work and engage the public, allowing them to come and experience the Arts in the place where they are made.

Equinox Expanded in 2014-15 into three adjacent buildings to form Equinox Studios – The Creative Industrial Complex. At just under 100,000 square feet of workspace and over 125 Tenants, including two dance rehearsal and performance spaces and two painting schools, there are now about 200 people coming and going on any given day.

With the expansion of Equinox, Sam also expanded the ownership to all of his Tenants. Equinox is now 100% tenant owned and owned by 100% of the tenants, whereby each artist, just by paying their rent, gains stock in the corporation that owns the Complex. With annual dividends and long-term capital gains at reasonable market returns, Equinox and all the Tenants will gain equity and thrive in a long term sustainable, affordable Arts community; and by the volume of real estate owned will be able to withstand market driven pressures that have crippled so many arts communities in the past. Equinox Studios has an extensive waiting list as so many people in the greater Seattle community want to be a part of this vibrant, collaborative community.

Sam intends to keep working to expand Equinox and is working towards creating Artist Live-Work space; and will continue to partner with public and private entities to facilitate the creation and preservation of affordable arts and cultural spaces, and support the communities that sustain those spaces.