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25 Apr 2013Anne Sweet -  showing new work at Art Attack 5/11/13

Chuck Smart: A Piece o’ Me

The late Chuck Smart was born a musician and artist, into a family of musicians and artists, in a culture of music and art. He traveled the world performing, collaborating, recording, studying, conducting research and collecting instruments. He was Associate Dean of Students at Antioch College (Yellow Springs, OH) and a teacher and trainer/consultant in the United States, Switzerland and the Virgin Islands…

Smart’s visual art has shown in many individual shows and has won awards and been selected for inclusion in shows around the country and as far away as the U.S. Ambassadorial residence in Mbabane, Swaziland. For several years Smart and poet/artist M. Anne Sweet explored interdisciplinary collaborations combining poetry with percussion and a variety of world music instruments, while maintaining a working studio in Bremerton. This month Sweet exhibits a small portion of Smart’s visual work in her studio, Ste. 310, at Equinox Studios in Georgetown, 6555 5th Ave. S., Seattle, WA.