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13 Jul 2013Equinox at Georgetown Garden Walk - Sunday July 14th 10-6

Equinox is in bloom and ready to show its true colors at the Georgetown Garden Walk on Sunday July 14. Continuing the fun from the Georgetown Carnival we’ll be at Oxbow Park working with the public on components for our Community Sculpture to be installed at Oxbow Park. We’ll be working on clay tiles and stamping steel icons with the Mighty Schamackammer. Come play with us! We need volunteers to help the public with tile making and steel schmacking. We can also use some help setting up and tearing down. Your reward will be hours of messy fun and a community bbq at the end of the day. Equinox will be at Oxbow Park (aka the Hat and Boots at 6430 Corson Ave S.) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Here’s more info about the public sculpture we are creating: The Community Sculpture is 25’ long, it winds in the shape of the present Duwamish River, and will be covered in tile that looks like water. You make the tile. Above, a steel canopy in the sinuous pattern of oxbows that used to be the shape of the Duwamish. You get to participate by Schmackking your initials into cut steel icons of Georgetown’s past and present. After stamping, the icons will be welded into a lacy canopy that meanders above the Riverbench.