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24 May 2013Georgetown Carnival 2013!!

​Come One! Come all! To the amazing Georgetown Carnival June, 8th 2013!

EQUINOX STUDIOS is putting the Art back in Cartival! The Equinox art, mayhem, noise and fire experience is back! Better than ever, just for your pleasure! Sandbox Sports has generously donated their parking lot at the corner of S. Vale St. and Airport Way to make room for the: Equinox Parking Lot of Wonder! Art for All Ages! Splat-A-PaintCatapult powered painting for picture perfecting people! Just remember, give it a splat and it might splat you back! Dodge and WeaveWild wacky weaving of multi-media monolithic madness! Try your hand with wood, wire, rope, plastic, canvas, paintings, fabric, tree branches, garden hose, air hose, pantyhose, who knows. Mad dodging and weaving with other dodgers and weavers! Watch your eyes! Schmoove-it, Schmoove-itYou got to Schmoove-it Schmoove-it! Play in the mud to make 5,000 tiles for Oxbow Park Community Sculpture Project Clay play all day! Grab it, Smoosh it, Flip it, Schmoove it, Cut it, Push it, Drop it, Done! Schmackammer Do not try this at home! Come pick out your plate steel “Icon of Georgetown past or present” to be part of the Oxbow Community Sculpture Project. We will make it red hot in the forge of fiery fun! You smack the target to release the Beast and the 400 lb Schmackammer will stamp your initials into the steel. Please keep all hands, legs, heads, little brothers and tongues out of the Schmackammer! Icon-I-Wannawelda Harness the power of the universe to melt Steel! Be a part of art! Stamp your initials in your Icon with the Schmackammer then help us weld it where you want in the Oxbow Park Community Sculpture. Your Icon with your initials will be a permanent part of the Sculpture and you shall be as famous as the rest of us. No kidding! Bangers and Clangers Music, Sound, Noise, Mayhem! You decide… Come bang and clang to your hearts content! Bring a friend and bang and clang together! 12 foot high participatory sound sculpture to create your masterpiece! We will record you and your mayhem for you to download and send to American Idol! You are going to be SO famous! Really, no kidding! LOTS OF WONDER AND IT’S ALL FREE! Made possible by the extremely generous contributions of the Artists of Equinox Studios