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31 May 2016Georgetown Carnival - 06/11/2016

It’s the Equinox Street of Spectacularities! In the heart of Georgetown Carnival!

SATURDAY June 11th, 12-8 pm

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It’s back! Catapult powered painting for picture perfecting people! Just remember, give it a splat and it might splat you back!

Fiery Heart Raku (with Syd Shera Clay Art)

Raku is a traditional Japanese process that values spontaneity and unexpected outcomes. We fire your glazed piece in our portable Raku kiln, right on the street. We smoke it afterwards, and you take it home with you that day! You’ll love your one of a kind piece that emerges transformed from smoke and fire!

Piazza di Ferro (with Iron Monkey Arts)

Do you wonder if you can blacksmith? So do we! The Iron Monkeys will be setting up our new mobile shop where we will be practicing our standard craft of blacksmithing smack dab in the middle of the street! We will also be undertaking a new effort of mentoring willing participants (that’s you) through the steps of creating an item. Work with hot steel, learn new skills, build something neat, and TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU! Awesomeness guaranteed*

*awesomeness not guaranteed

PLUS Artisan Ice Pops Paradise from Six Strawberries and spontaneous dance performaces by Yaw Theater!


Made possible by the extremely generous contributions of the Artists of Equinox Studios; Artistic Industrial Complex