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01 Apr 2013Georgetown Art Attack—April 13, 2013

Hey you arty Folk! The Art Loving kind! Welcome to our big blue building, Equinox Studios in emerging West Georgetown. We have artists open and ready to amuse, beguile, entertain and jiggle your reality for the Georgetown April 13 artwalk. We don’t just make art, we mess with consensual reality! We have loads of parking around our building. You can park here, take the Art Ride (a shuttle) over and back to the places along Airport Way. The shuttle ride is an event in and of itself. The driver is from the dark side, is related to Zorro, and has tantalizing stories of Georgetown and beyond…Make him talk!

Art Attack April 2013

Here’s what’s happening that night: Steve Hussey, of Burning Specialties (Steel): is showing his newest fabrications, giant sculptures of synchronized swimming ladies that will be installed on Alki. Ya no kidding. John Kirschenbaum, woodworker (wood): Would. Naz, Colin and Garth of the Machine Shop, Metal tooling, Bike, Moped and Industrial Make-Stuff Guys: Ya, well, just go in there. They are demonstrating their CNC lathe. It’s a robot arm ladies and gentlemen…Which makes parts autonomously with no help from a human. I’m not kidding. Dan Morgan, woodworker (yes wood again): Dan will be doing a live wood turning demo, on his lathe. He will be doing laser hair removal with his lathe also. Please stand behind the barriers… Syd Shera, ceramic art (clay): Syd will be forming clay in some manner; possibly pounding, molding, rolling, pinching, slabbing. You get the idea. Betty Jo Costanzo, (oil painter): Betty Jo is enhancing her Lake Chelan series, layering in some turquoises and blues atop the intense green water she’s created. Love the layers. Trevor Gauntlett, (Steel, welding): Trevor exhibits his metal picture frames. Need something custom? Trevor would love to talk with you. He has great tools too. Sophia Wheelwright, (assemblage with a naturalist’s bent): Sophia plans to display a model of her stage props central to an upcoming dance performance piece. Come swoon at these subtle sinuous Brancusi-esque shapes. Tabasco the Blacksmith: is undecided. He will be open and he answers all questions. Give him a turban and he could pontificate on anything if we’re lucky… Michelle Smith-Lewis, (photography): Michelle will be showing her new work, cyanotypes of forest and trees. They are Gorge-ous! M. Anne Sweet, (graphic design): Anne displays her feminist themed art, they are ooh lala, come look at them. Way to walk the line Anne! Karl Seng, (lamps of the found-object variety): oh my gosh, just come see them. Ask him stories of their inspiration, he’s a naturalist too. Some of the lamps are giant blossoms, some have a robot-esque feel. Karl is a creature of many guises, just look around his shop. He has a super old industrial sewing machine from WWII. Alair Wells, (metal sculptor, artist, blacksmith): Come watch as Alair forges beautiful steel flowers…she may even let you give it a *swing* with a free hands-on demo! Alair teaches blacksmithing and welding classes so sign up today!