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05 Mar 2012Georgetown Art Ride - the Free Art Attack Shuttle

Want to see all the art in G-town but feel as though it is too spread out to see it all? Not to worry! We are excited to announce the debut of the Georgetown Art Ride - the free Art Attack Shuttle, sponsored by Equinox Studios.

The Georgetown Art Ride will be operating during Art Attack on Saturday March 10, from 6-9:30pm, making 5 stops in a loop at North, Mid and South Airport Way, Stacy’s Funky Finds and Equinox Studios, . We’ll make sure you get there, and we’ll even entertain you along the way!

We hope to help people find their way up and down Airport Way and to the West side of Georgetown and to let people know what is going on all over and in between. Our aim is to be ambassadors for Georgetown and help people see it all.

We would be happy to have more volunteers to be a Georgetown Art Ride entertainer (poetry reading, singing, dancing, short theatre, talking about art venues, whatever) with a captive audience between stops on the shuttle; or a “shuttle stop scalper” to be at a stop to let people know about the shuttle and where they can go and what they can see. Let me know your talents and where you would like to display them.

We want to make this a beneficial service for all of Georgetown, from the Merchants to the Artists, from the North to the South and out to the West. We would love to hear comments, questions and suggestions; as well as feedback after this maiden voyage.

Thanks so much for all that all of you do to make Georgetown great, it is a pleasure to be counted among you.

Viva La Arts! Viva La G-Town!,
Sam Farrazaino and all the Artists and Artisans of Equinox Studios